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Autumn Fog Watercolor



Sitting before the clearing
open land
distant autumn trees array like wallpaper.

Fog descends
along with my thoughts.

Something about the clearing allows the thoughts to linger.
A heavy idle.

As darkness falls
regret whispers
taunting me with should have dones.

Agony makes warfare.

I ask the Light for help.
I whisper back to the clearing….

the fog recedes.

Peace as an infantry
with fury

Agony has no chance.

Serenity swells my heart
there is no more room for fog.



Autumn Winds Sketch


Autumn Winds & Color watercolor sketch

The wind, being an advocate for winter, wants to strip the autumn trees clean. I the observer, while appreciating the forces of nature, want to retard this process.

My power? Watercolors.

I cannot bribe one leaf back on a branch, but I can record this day and the brilliant colors left…even if for only a while.

That’s what the artist does, savors a moment in time and makes it eternal…or as long as his materials last at least. And this is what you can do as well. Grab a small journal, some paints, and off you go. It’s really, really, really not as hard as you think!
Go ahead, get lost in the season.

Autumn Tree and Leaves Sketch

It’s here! It’s finally here, my favorite season EVER…Autumn!

Good things happen in autumn. My favorites are; the blazing colors, the way the earth smells sweet from decaying leaves, cooler temperatures, and hearing leaves rustle around. I LOVE IT!

Here is what I am noticing in September…

Autumn Leaves and a Berry Sketch

Autumn Leaves and a Berry Sketch

Do me a favor, when you find an autumn leaf on the ground, pick it up and smell it. It’s OK if you don’t want someone to see you…just hide behind a tree. The expired leaf produces an aroma that cannot be matched. You have to experience it. In your lifetime, you must experience this. God packages blessings in small gifts sometimes. I’m claiming this gift.

Speaking of autumn leaves, do you know why the leaves change colors in autumn? It’s not because of the cooler temperatures, but because the earth is tilting on its axis and getting further from the sun resulting in longer nights and shorter days. Chlorophyll production (the stuff in plants which gives it a green color), breaks down and eventually stops and the leaf’s other pigments (carotenoids) are revealed. Just beautiful.

Autumn Tree Sketch

Autumn Tree Sketch

I did this sketch yesterday. I really prefer a cloudy day in autumn than a sunny one…really. The next time you encounter a cloudy day in autumn, notice how strong the colors in the trees pop out. They are just brilliant and amazing.

Go out and enjoy this time of year, it doesn’t last long.

Let’s Paint Day Lit Moon!

Remember the pictures of the day lit moon and autumn trees?
Let’s paint it!

Here is a sketch of our painting. I am using vine charcoal to make a rough sketch on wallis pastel paper. Don’t forget the little moon!

Speaking of the moon, I used some masking fluid to protect the paper underneath to make sure we get a nice bright white moon…just how it looked the evening I took the picture. Make sure you thoroughly let this dry before taking the next step or you’ll have a yucky mess. I have no patients so I whipped out my hair dryer and made it dry real quick!

Here I did a watercolor underwash. Remember, you’re going to need contrast so everything in this step is pretty dark. Let this dry completely or get your hair dryer out. I did.

Now the fun part! With pastels, add some autumn leaves. Look at how 3D-ish it is starting to look. Good. Don’t forget your sky holes too!

Finally, add some color to the ground, define the tree stumps and some twigs, and take off the masking fluid over the moon. I did shade the moon with the palest cream.

Day Lit Moon is about 9×7 and will be placed in a 10×8 black frame. It will be on display and for sale at the LaGrange Art Gallery in November and December.

Hope you enjoyed this demonstration!

I See the Moon

Oh how I love to see the moon in the daylit sky! You don’t even have to wait until dark to appreciate such a sight.

Here you can see the moon in between some beautiful autumn trees. Look close, can you spot it?
This must be the next subject for my next painting… the moon and the season!

Here is a close up view:

I love these contrast colors playing next to each other, blue and orange.

This is one of my most favorite pictures of the night. It is such a simple but peaceful picture. I was looking east as the sun was setting behind me in the west. I don’t know why but it gives me peace. It allows me to quiet down, take a breath and relax. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the objects in the picture?

Last night I awoke at 3am with the moon brightly shining though my bedroom window. For a second I was startled thinking, “Who’s light is in my window!” I was amazed when I realized…”silly, that’s only the moon.”
It truly lit up my whole room up as if a lamp was left on. With so much attention always on the sun, do give enough attention to the moon?