One Bad Squirrel

I dream of a world where all animals live in peace…with each other. Crazy? It could happen!

I thought it did for a while when I video recorded sparrows, mourning doves, and a squirrel sitting together eating in peace, All was well in animal kingdom – until, one bad squirrel came along! Now, I assumed all squirrels were evil but when I looked out the window and watched one eat with the birds I had hope. Then again, there’s always a bad apple not far from the tree! In the last few seconds, a second crazed demented squirrel disrupted animal utopia and caused havoc on the kingdom chasing all birds and his squirrel friend! Watch closely and you can see Stella, the female downy woodpecker, visit before she fled the eminent doom.

Here is my sketch of that frightful moment:

One day fur and feathers will live in peace. I just know it.


  1. I’ve tried to warn you–squirrels are inherently evil–but still you won’t listen. You know that they’re planning a takeover, right? With those opposable thumbs & huge numbers? Be afraid…be VERY afraid!

  2. Lana: I am afraid, I counted 8 in my neighbors yard in a huddle. I think my neighbor is on their side. He sustains them with evil peanuts. They tried to trick me by “playing” nice for a while, but their true nature came out! LOL. I’m armed with a cat.

    Nina: So true! I’m keeping a close eye on them! 🙂

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