Save the Date!

Friday November 14, 2008
LaGrange Art Gallery

Come out for a fun night of art, music and food! Think you can’t afford fine art? Think again! Each member of the gallery was allowed one large painting and four minis. The mini paintings cannot be more that $125. Not only that but there are a ton of “supper minis”, now everybody can afford fine art!

Here are the paintings I submitted:

You can’t tell the size from the pictures but the first four are in 8×10 frames, but the last one is very large about 18×24. I have a real hard time taking pictures of paintings once they are framed, either I get a big flash spot on the glass or if I don’t use a flash you can totaly see my reflection! Ugg!


  1. I know how frustrating taking those pictures is. The only way around it is to take out the glass and take the shot. It’s a pain, but I do it with all of mine. I plan on coming to the gallery. Do you need tickets or anything?

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