Christmas Lamp Sketch

Yesterday I went to the LaGrange Art Gallery. Downtown LaGrange is decorated so beautifully this time of year. I just love it. They have these cute old fashioned lamp posts every few feet down every block. I just couldn’t resist sketching one!

Fresh pine garland is such an elegant way to decorate and the scent can’t be beat. Just for the smell of it, I always buy a fresh pine wreath every year.

Evergreens are used this time of year to symbolize everlasting life, since the evergreen is a conifer and does not loose it’s leaves (needles) in the winter. It is forever green. This same principle is attributed to Christ, who came on Christmas to give us everlasting life, even after our life here on Earth is done.

Elegant and beautiful.

Yesterday’s sketch was done with Winsor & Newton travel watercolors and a Micron pen. D= date, T= time, C= weather conditions, and A= area or location of subject.


  1. This post made me realize that I need to get some pictures or video of the lights in our town this time of year. It’s pretty cool, the way they set them up…

  2. That is such a perfectly Christmas-y sketch. I love it!
    My daughter used to live in an area with gaslights that gave such a nostalgic “glow!” Right now, she and her husband are visiting Chicago–Brrrr!

  3. Drowsey: Thanks! I love classic decorations for Christmas!

    Laura: Oh I’m sorry Laura, I forgot to show it to you before we left! Thanks so much, that was a lot of fun!

    Lana: Yes, but you need snow to make it all come together! Come love it. 🙂

    Nina: Thank you! When I was younger we had a gas lamp on our front lawn…it was so cool, I know what you mean about the glow….unfortunately, I would bump into that lamp and always make the little bag thing fall off! Ooops. BTW, if your daughter is still in town, she’s in for a huge winter storm…I hope she likes snow 🙂 I do.

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