Gray Day Fun

So what can you do on a dreary gray winter day? Why, you can have some fun hiking on the Little Red Schoolhouse grounds, of course! Don’t let a bunch of clouds steal your fun away. Look at how beautiful it is….

….even without the sun! Boy, I can’t resist a path. What’s around that corner? Oh, I’ll just go for a little bit….

Ooooo, it’s a frozen pond, all shiny and glassy. In this area a chickadee made his presents known with a “chick-a-dee-dee-dee, chick-a-dee-dee-dee” call.

Walking back towards the schoolhouse, this is what it looked like….

Can you see the Little Red Schoolhouse at the end of the trail? It’s the prize at the end of our trip. The grounds are still under construction, but the schoolhouse is open for dedicated nature lovers.

For nature lovers and three wise guys, that is. Inside the schoolhouse, Curly and Larry are on the look out for Moe to make his escape!


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