Ice Covered Everything

Yes it’s a pain to deal with, but oh how beautiful it can be….

An ice/snow storm hit the Chicago area yesterday making driving to work an extra long nightmare. Many people decided to play hookie, being that it was Friday, but I was a good girl (or stupid) and went to work anyway.

When ugly storms like this arrive, I can’t help but override the bad and notice beauty all around me. I still get excited for snow, just like a little kid.

Frozen in time…ha, ha, ha, this shrub is as stiff as a statue.

I was amazed to stand under this tree…

…because every tiny gentle breeze made such an incredible sound. Like wind chimes in the summer, the limbs of this tree had it’s own distincitve music notes. It is at this exact moment when you realize that this sound is something magical. Few people will hear it, for the conditions have to be just right.
Nature will never cease to amaze me, no matter how old I get!


  1. Potentially deadly, yet so Otherworldly! I got my car stuck during an ice storm once & had to walk home (about a mile.) I was almost taken out by a falling branch! Even more beautiful it becomes once the sun starts glinting on all of that ice!

  2. Lana: That sounds very dangerous! Glad nothing serious happened and you’re safe! No wonder why you hate snow! Yes, it is very pretty and blinding when the sun shines on the ice 😀

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