Just Before Dusk Sketch

How lucky am I to witness such beauty? I’m sure some lottery winners are not as happy as I (You know, they sometimes lose everything they get in a few years!). But nature can never be taken away or lost. Just look what I have! Real happiness, I stole a moment in time and captured it with pigments, to be enjoyed forever.

This is a quick sketch of what it looked like the other night just before dusk. A heavy solid cloud, like a blanket, stretched out across the never ending sky only allowing a bit of sunset to shine through. How happy the trees were to be silhouettes of this magnificent scene…they told me so.

d= date, t= time, c= weather conditions, and a= area of location.


  1. Lana: How well you know! It takes some people a lifetime to realize. 🙂

    Barb: You have some great everyday walks too! i enjoy reading them, they are all so different, informative and interesting!

    Melissa: thanks so much!

    Joan: thank you! Sketching is so much fun because it doesn’t require a whole lot of time or dedication!

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