Eastern Towhee Sketch

OH BOY! Look who came to visit me this morning at my house! It’s an Eastern Towhee. The first one I spotted this year. Welcome Mr. Towhee! I first noticed him in my pine tree. At first I thought it was a sparrow, but then noticed his long tail flick several times. Humm…that’s no sparrow. When I got closer to the window I was pleasantly surprised to see this little fellow drop down beneath the tree to scrape the mulch in search of insects or seeds. He was by himself, did not make any calls, and quickly flew away.

What a wonderful Saturday morning surprise!

d=date, t=time, c=weather conditions, and a=area of subject. One important note, when keeping a sketch book or journal make sure you note what day of the week it is next to the date. In 10 years when you look back at your memories you will have no idea what day it was by only looking at the date. It helps.


  1. Although these little critters are suppose to be commmon in some areas of Arkansas, I just saw my first one this winter ever! When I saw it I was lucky to get both a photo and short video of him while foraging in my backyard. Then I had to do a little research to find out what the heck it was! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Haven’t seen one since!

  2. I appreciate your notes on how to keep a nature journal. I have been doing one for quite some time now and need all the help I can get. They are so helpful in recalling an event vividly at a later date; better than a written description. I think they are even better than a photo because they elicit feelings as well as memory of the event. Do you agree?

  3. I just saw our first towhee last Thursday. He hangs out in a pile of brush under our powerline and comes out to feed behind our house. Trying to get a photo but probably would have better luck with a sketch!

  4. It’s an exciting time when all the birds come back. I heard, then saw my first Robin the other day. Love your sketch of the towhee.

  5. Lana: Oh that sucks! I hope your pair returns fast.

    Alan: Congrats on your sighting! Doesn’t it feel great?!? I hope you see it again soon.

    Northern Birder: Oh yes I agree 1001% When spending some time drawing or painting what you see, you kind of burn it in your brain. I can remember every sketch I did but cannot remember every photo I took! Great job on keeping a nature journal!

    Joan: They are quick little suckers aren’t they! I hope he comes back to pose for a photo. Do the sketch anyway it’s like therepy.

    April: I love when the birds come back too! Thanks so much!

    Dave: Thanks! Can’t wait to see more ๐Ÿ™‚

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