Birds Galore

Hot Dog! It seems that the new summer residences have bombarded my house! Keep ’em coming friends, keep ’em coming!

I have to note, this is not because I am such a great birdie hostess but it is the result of my neighbor’s diligence and hard work. He fills his feeders 2x a day. Once at an ungodly hour, like 5AM and then again around noon. He loves the birdies too. So do I!

All these lovely fellows visited within a 12 hour period.

First we have the Brown Thrasher. FOY (First of the Year). I have never seen him here before! He is big! He’s looking right at us 😀

Next we have the Monk Parakeet (FOY). There were two that visited my neighbor’s feeder. I love their loud calls! The first time I heard them, I though someones house bird got loose!

Here is another view. I love the blue contrasting against the green.

Next we have my friend Mr. Eastern Towhee. You might remember the sketch I did of him a few weeks ago. Thank you Mr. Towhee for visiting me again, I do appreciate it!

Here is another view. Each time I spotted him, he was underneath my pine tree. I do have some spruce cones on the ground, perhaps he is looking for seeds? Or bugs?

Last but not least, the white throated sparrow. Hello you handsome fellow!

Whatcha lookin’ for? This little guy jumped forward and then scraped the ground while jumping backwards. I hope you find something!

Oh how I love these visitors of ours! I hope you enjoyed them as well!


  1. Hot dog, indeed! Wow – what a happening seed joint you’re running there, lol.

    The parakeets really surprise me – they do look like pets, or like they should be in australia or something. Very cool!

  2. What tha’….?

    I had no idea we had any parrots running around in the US! I checked them out on Wikipedia. That’s really cool. Doubt I will see one of those. 🙂

  3. great shots of your special visitors, thanks for sharing! never saw a monk parakeet at my feeding station but i have seen the others … ooo i just love ’em!

  4. Drowsey: Haaaa, haaa! Seed joint! lol. 🙂 You always make me laugh!

    Alan: You may still see one…parakeets don’t make sense in Chicago, windy city, below zero winters…but these little escapees make huge nest in cell phone towers and inside tree cavities. If they can survive Chicago winters, they can visit your neck of the woods! 😀

    Leslie: Me too! I love them all! Thanks so much! 😀

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