Snake in the Woods Sketch

“You’re such a snake!”

Why does the idea of a snake conjure fear and evil? Could it be the story of Adam and Eve? The snake is the bad guy in that scenario, but don’t be fooled…evil can take the form of anything…good or bad…and the snake is a creature made by the Creator too. While I wouldn’t cuddle up with one or have one as a pet…they are fascinating in their own habitat…the Palos Woods!

In the Palos Woods, part of Chicago’s Cook County Forest Preserves, this snake scared a hiker, a scream was emitted, and the hiker scared the snake which took cover under a log. After much laughter, I uncovered the log that the snake took cover under and took this picture. Poor little guy. All coiled up and protecting himself…I do you no harm…ever!

All I want to do is paint you!

This little sketch took me about 20 minutes. Real quick. It is a great example of negative painting. Do you remember what that is? It is when you paint the outside of your subject.
I do not know exactly what type of snake this is, but when I sketch it I learned it intimately. I now know that his triangular spots are in an alternate pattern. This must be a key to his identification. My painted spots were not counted out and not exact. If I were illustrating for a biology book it would have been exact, but I am painting for my own fun and I am not worried about being perfect.

Never worry about being perfect…you’re valued the way you are!

If any smart biologist can identify this snake, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


  1. It’s nice that Tom was able to identify your snake. The ones we have here are the garter snake variety. This northern brown snake has a very pretty design. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful sketches and paintings.

  2. I love blogger..there are so many knowledgeable people..and you are able to ID just about anything with a little help from our Bloggy friends.
    Like your little snakey and the sketch you did of him

  3. April: Tom is great! I wish I had his knowledge about nature…maybe someday! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

    Joan: I agree he is a very pretty snake! I love his pattern, I hope he wasn’t too afraid of me!

    Dawn: Yes! I love the help my bloggy friends give me, I am sooo thankful! Thanks for the wonderful comment on Mr. Snakey 😀

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