Let’s Paint Evidence of Autumn!

Look around you...this time of year you can see evidence of autumn. Look at the very tips of the trees near the top. Do you see it? Yes, just a hint of autumn. My favorite time of year. Well, I'm not going to waste any time. Every day from now until the end of November … Continue reading Let’s Paint Evidence of Autumn!


Hike at Palos Woods and Sketch

Today I took a quick hike at Palos Woods. Freezing rain? No problem! During the first five minutes of my hike I heard something wonderful...the creeking of tree limbs. What a distinct sound, created by wind, that broke the silence on this quiet winter afternoon! What fascinated me was the different tones of creekiness. Some were deep … Continue reading Hike at Palos Woods and Sketch

White Oak Sketch aka I don’t Fit In Sketch

After work I stopped at the Palos Woods North and just sat in the parking lot. I stepped out of the car and pick up this tiny branch from the parking lot floor. How I love autumn leaves. This twig measures 6 inches exactly. When I started to sketch the white oak leaves, I did … Continue reading White Oak Sketch aka I don’t Fit In Sketch

Let’s Paint Woodland Berries!

Cool Beans here we go, we're about to paint the woodland berries we found at the McLaughry Spring Woods using watercolor paints!!! Step 1: In this painting we are going to paint all three berries at once. Make a rough sketch of all 3 berry types: from top left, #1 false solomon seal, #2 doll's … Continue reading Let’s Paint Woodland Berries!

Woodland Berries in September

Oh BOY! I love finding berries! I also love eating berries, but only from the grocery store (blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries; in order of preference) , I don't trust my berry knowledge in the forests to eat without getting sick! Not yet anyhow. Here is what the McLaughry Spring Woods had for me: False Solomon … Continue reading Woodland Berries in September

Papoose Lake Fun

Recently I stopped at Papoose Lake to have some fun. Oh what fun I did have for sure! Papoose Lake is part of Chicago's Cook County Forest Preserves, the Sag Valley area. It's a quiet little place were few visitors stopped by to fish on the day I visited. Here are some highlights... Black Eye … Continue reading Papoose Lake Fun

Pioneer Woods Sketch

I was lucky enough to duck out of work a little earlier than normal. Yesssss! I love when that happens. The fist thing I did was to find a cozy spot to paint. I decided to visit Pioneer Woods , part of Chicago's Cook County Forest Preserve System, Palos Division. Today was quiet because it is … Continue reading Pioneer Woods Sketch

Let’s Paint the White Trout Lily!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. For your present, I am going to show you how to paint a white trout lily! Here we go.... First I'll show you my reference photo that I took in the Palos Woods, part of Cook County's Forest Preserve District, a few weeks ago. How delicate and … Continue reading Let’s Paint the White Trout Lily!

Snake in the Woods Sketch

"You're such a snake!" Why does the idea of a snake conjure fear and evil? Could it be the story of Adam and Eve? The snake is the bad guy in that scenario, but don't be fooled...evil can take the form of anything...good or bad...and the snake is a creature made by the Creator too. While … Continue reading Snake in the Woods Sketch

Let’s Paint a Spring Wildflower!

"Oh you're such a squill!" Try saying that to someone at work today. I did! And before they hit you say, "It means you're a really beautiful blue spring flower!" Then run if they don't believe you! Well, you can always show them this site for proof. Let's show them how to paint that beautiful … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Spring Wildflower!