Hen and Chicks Sketch

Hen and Chick Sketch

Did you ever find yourself at work dreaming about 50 million other things you would rather be doing? Well, that’s me Monday through Friday…50 weeks out of the year! When I daydream it’s pretty much the same thing….nature and art, nothing much else! So the other day I raced home to sit in my backyard and paint. Ooooo how much fun! I decided to do a quick sketch of my new toy, a potted Hen and Chicks item I bought at Menard’s (my favorite home builders store) for only 10 bucks.

As I painted I heard a loud “SPLAT!” inches away from my right leg.
“What in the world?” I asked.
I looked at the ground and a huge white liquid-y puddle coated the grass. Then I looked up and RIGHT ABOVE my head was a beautiful hawk, sitting on a walnut tree  branch! There must have been a slight wind because I have no clue how I didn’t get it right on my head!


Anyway, this pot sits on top of a tree’s cross section in my rock garden. It was done with Winsor & Newton travel watercolor kit and Micron black pens #03 and #05.  

It was well worth almost getting bombed by the hawk when nature called!


  1. That was a close call!! I love the sketch – fabulous colors

    That was a close call!! I love the sketch – fabulous colors!

  2. Really, really like the sketch Chris. And thanks for the idea….I’ve got one on those stumps I have been wanting to do something with.

    Be careful of Mr. Hawk. They are fast learners so next time I feel certain he will make necessary corrections for the wind. 🙂

  3. April: Yes! Vey close call! Hee, he, he. Thanks!

    Alan: Thanks so much! Those tree stumps make a great flat surface for potted plants or lanterns!
    LOL at the hawk getting me next time…I bet you’re right! 😀

    Lana: Thanks! I’m glad too that the hawk didn’t splat on my painting!!! 🙂

    Dawn: Thank you! next time I might not be so lucky as a splat target! HAAA, HA, HA!

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