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Hawk Waits in the Midst of a Foggy Morning – watercolor sketch

He waits on bended bough. Tilts his head and scans the ground. I am ever so thankful for moments like these. An unexpected surprise in nature, catching me off guard, instantly uplifting my spirits. And this spirit I have is the very thing that… Continue Reading “Hawk Waits in the Midst of a Foggy Morning – watercolor sketch”

Hike and Sketch at Bullfrog Lake

12-26-10 33°F  cloudy, breeze orange and red trail Hiking today seems like a workout, for I am wearing regular hiking boots and not snow shoes. There are several inches of snow on the ground. I love to hear the “crunch, crunch, crunch” sound with… Continue Reading “Hike and Sketch at Bullfrog Lake”

Good Morning Hawk

Hot Dog!! I knew today was going to be a good day when as soon as I stepped out the door, I saw a hawk in my tree. Slowly I reached for my camera to get a good shot but scared him anyway and… Continue Reading “Good Morning Hawk”

Hen and Chicks Sketch

Hen and Chick Sketch Did you ever find yourself at work dreaming about 50 million other things you would rather be doing? Well, that’s me Monday through Friday…50 weeks out of the year! When I daydream it’s pretty much the same thing….nature and art, nothing… Continue Reading “Hen and Chicks Sketch”

Cooper’s Hawk 1 Mourning Dove 0

Holy Cow! Look what I found out my window: I know this is a Cooper’s Hawk and not a Sharp-Shinned Hawk because it was ginormous (like my scientific term?), had a long tail, and that tail was rounded as opposed to a square tipped… Continue Reading “Cooper’s Hawk 1 Mourning Dove 0”

Lucky Squirrel

This morning I had a visitor! Look who came by to my neighbors yard: It’s a beautiful hawk!!! I took this picture right out of my dirty window. He sat on top of that swing set for a really long time, just looking left,… Continue Reading “Lucky Squirrel”