Hidden Pond Sketch

Hidden Pond Sketch - Hickory Hills, IL
Hidden Pond Sketch - Hickory Hills, IL

No, this isn’t a crazy green mess. This sketch contains a hidden pond, matter of fact, that is the name of the place I sketched it from: Hidden Pond Woods – Hickory Hills, IL. A nice tiny little get-a-way with a tiny little pond. Can you find it? We visited this place at the end of last year and on another occasion made a sketch from the car window.

Things look much different in July then they did in December!
Anyway, on this day the pond is green with algae. It is surrounded by cattail leaves that are swaying with the breeze. It is a cool 64°F, unseasonably cool and cloudy evening. I can hear a woodpecker in the distance drumming on a tree. I also hear many nuthatches but can only see one (white-breasted) hopping down an oak trunk. Several robins hop on the ground turning over leaves and pulling up worms.
Very peaceful.

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