Not So Hidden Pond Watercolor Sketch

The blanket of snow tried to quiet you...but you wouldn't have it. With frozen branches and stiff grasses, Your clamor wont quit! Oh frozen woods on thaw...make your sound bellow! This is Hidden Pond. In the winter time it is not so hidden. And on a day like yesterday it was fully exposed as a … Continue reading Not So Hidden Pond Watercolor Sketch


Hidden Pond Tree Sketch

I don't know about you, but I've been super, super busy lately! Isn't summer the time to take it easy and slow down...what the heck? Anyway, I haven't painted or sketched in a long time (5 days!). I think I feel shaky? Oh, and there are sooo many things I should be doing right now; … Continue reading Hidden Pond Tree Sketch

Hidden Pond Sketch

No, this isn't a crazy green mess. This sketch contains a hidden pond, matter of fact, that is the name of the place I sketched it from: Hidden Pond Woods - Hickory Hills, IL. A nice tiny little get-a-way with a tiny little pond. Can you find it? We visited this place at the end of last year and on another … Continue reading Hidden Pond Sketch

Mystery of a New Year

Here is my picture of the sky falling: Sky falling? What? Do you see that layer of fog developing on the cool ground? Well, fog is actually just a collection of water vapor droplets touching the ground. Guess what? A cloud is a collection of water vapor droplets too! So basically, fog is a cloud … Continue reading Mystery of a New Year

Nature Sketch from your Car Window

Once again Chicago has dealt us a wicked weather hand. In a mater of a few hours, 4 inches of snow has melted and 3 inches of rain had fallen. It was just yesterday that single digit temps reigned the daily forecast, but now we are greeted with a mild 60°F, at the end of … Continue reading Nature Sketch from your Car Window