Backyard Birds Sketch

I love my backyard. It’s my little oasis, a place to escape to and run away from the world. I run away often.
I sometimes just sit on the dirt in my garden and watch the bumble bees and birds. Here is a photo from over the weekend:

If I am real still, the male american goldfinch will visit the feeder even though I am only 6 feet away! The female is more timid, sitting on the telephone wires, yelling at the male for taking such a risk. Does the male recognize me? Or is the goldfinch just comfortable with humans? I wonder…

Backyard Birds Watercolor Sketch
Backyard Birds Watercolor Sketch

I want to remember the garden and my birds just how it looked over the weekend. In early spring, things look a little bare. In late summer, things start to dry out, but this day was perfect!
In this sketch I have lavender growing in the foreground, carpet flower in mid, and purple coneflower just beginning to bloom in the background. On the finch feeder, a male house finch sits on the left and a male american goldfinch sits to the right. Sometimes the goldfinches will rest on the purple  coneflower stem(I love when they do that) and the stem barely moves and does not even bend. Light as a feather, I guess. Later in the summer when the coneflower is ripe, the female especially loves to eat seeds from the head.

I escape from the world and watch the wildlife in my garden, every chance I can get.


  1. I stumbled onto your site while looking to identify pokeberries. What a delight! I’m “crafty”, but not an artist; your watercolor pencil idea appealed to me because I love making greeting cards and that would be something different for me to do. I’m passing this site on to another Christian friend who loves painting, tho her medium is oil. What part of the country are you in? I’m in Cape Girardeau, MO.

  2. Bonnie: Thank you so much for your kind words and for passing this site on! I would love to see your greeting cards, what a neat idea. I live in the Chicago area, but I am very familiar with Missouri because I was born there! It is very nice to meet a new nature friend!

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