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Goldfinches in their Winter Wear Watercolor – Free Download


Goldfinch feathers molt into a drab olive green/brown color for winter. Many people upon seeing them assume they are looking at sparrows. Not a few believe goldfinches migrate for the winter because they no longer see that bright, brilliant yellow signature color. Not so! They’re here in their inconspicuous attire still seeking thistle.

In case you cannot find them this winter, as my Christmas gift to you, you may copy this artwork by right clicking on the watercolor above and selecting “Save image as”.
Merry Christmas.

Winter Goldfinches

Actual photo of very hungry goldfinches outside my very dirty window. He, he, he.

Fern-like Frost

Fern-Like Frost outside my clean window. Here is proof of the magic of winter… One can zoom in and study patterns in the frost for hours. Well, I sure can!

May your holidays be filled with peace and love.


Finally Finches at Feeder Watercolor Sketch


After hanging the feeder at my new residence and watching not one single guest partake for 4 WEEKS….finally….a pair of American Goldfinches happily dine and I in the window, happily watch with a big silly grin from ear to ear.

So I start to wonder. How does a bird find a new feeder? By sight? By smell? And why does it take so long?

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:
“They are drawn to feeders because they see the seed, see or hear other birds feeding, have learned a “search pattern” for bird feeders, or are very inquisitive and investigate new things on their territory or along their migratory route. Seed eating birds do notice other birds at feeders–by sight and sound–and join them.”

Welcome friends. I’ve waited patiently. No not really, ha ha ha!


Now go tell your friends where to get a good meal.

Birdie Bookmarks

I’ve finished a new series of bookmarks…for those who love birds and books! Each bookmark is laminated and includes a tassel.

$4 each or $12 for all 4 birds.
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Black-capped Chickadee bookmark.
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Eastern Towhee bookmark
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Female House Sparrow bookmark
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Male American Goldfinch bookmark
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Each bookmark is printed on 80lb¬†card stock, laminated, and has a tassel. The size is about 6×2.5″ without tassel. Tassel colors may vary slightly.

Today Only $6 Off Mugs

Chickadee Mug mug
Chickadee Mug by Lets_Paint_Nature
Make Travel mugs online with Zazzle
I had the opportunity to upload some artwork to Zazzle and create some products. Today, they are offering $6 off all mugs with code: zbdayallmugs
I don’t really push selling a lot on this site, however 6 bucks off is a good deal! I couldn’t pass it up and got some myself….I’m a caffeine addict!
There are several bird designs, you can view by clicking the Lets_Paint_Nature link under photo. They make cute and affordable gift ideas.

American Goldfinch Painting and Video

The American Goldfinch is a happy bird. Or should I say, the one who admires the goldfinch is the happy one? Maybe a little of both.
I have a thistle feeder in my backyard, far enough away from any other feeder (goldfinches like their space). Many fly in on their “roller coaster” patterns and gather around to eat and sing their sweet song.

Enjoy this 1 min video of the male and female American goldfinch:

So amazed by their beauty, I decided to make a small watercolor painting.


The abstract background helps to keep the focus on the goldfinch and create a nice texture. I hope I have kept his peppy little spirit within this painting.

“Male American Goldfinch Delight”
original watercolor
click here to see if available