Hidden Pond Tree Sketch

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been super, super busy lately! Isn’t summer the time to take it easy and slow down…what the heck?

Anyway, I haven’t painted or sketched in a long time (5 days!). I think I feel shaky? Oh, and there are sooo many things I should be doing right now; a newsletter (past-due), my bedroom looks like a tornado hit, I have no more clean clothes…yes, I should be doing “responsible” things…but what does my heart say…just paint! So I sit here with a glass of wine (red), listening to my all time favorite band, The Cure, finishing my sketch…

I can’t help it. I don’t want to help it. I must paint.

Tree at Hidden Pond - Hickory Hills, IL
Tree at Hidden Pond - Hickory Hills, IL

As many of you know, I have a full time job that sucks the life right out of me sometimes! So finding time to paint is critical. I had just 30 minutes to spare today and I used it wisely! I did a rough sketch with a base painting and finished the rest at home. Oh how I love nature!

This sketch is from Hidden Pond Woods in Hickory Hills, IL. I’m not absolutely sure what type of tree this is but I’m guessing a type of Ash.

Moral of the short story: Please find time to do what you love. It is who you are and nobody, not corporate America, nor “the man”, nor your bills can define you…only you can define you!

Keep sketching friends!


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