Backlit Pine Sketch

Backlit Pine Sketch - Watercolor

At 2:30pm, under a hot sun, in the midst of 83°F temperatures, this is what I was looking at. A gentle breeze accompanied me as I tried to replicate this wonderful pine.

What’s so special about a stupid pine tree? Why, let me tell you…

The sun blared behind the pine. Did you ever see a portrait where the photographer sets up a light behind the person and it seems as if the outer rim of their hair is glowing? Well, that’s how the pine was posing. God set the light and I painted the portrait.
Tips of the needles were on fire. Glowing a shimmery yellow. I captured a moment.

Here is my reference photo when the sun was behind the clouds…

Why don’t you try to capture a moment too?


  1. Love it. I have been observing clouds since your last post about the colors in clouds and you are very right. The clouds we have right now in our world are all tinged a little orangey-pinkish color from forest fire smoke. I am beginning to see a little lavender mixed in as well. I have learned that you have to be able to see the colors before you can reproduce them on paper. Thanks for helping me see the colors.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. I’m actually struggling to figure out what to paint next. I’d like to do something that incorporates orange & purple, but my mental images aren’t working out very well just yet. <:\
    Love your tree!

  3. Barb: Wow, how interesting the color of your clouds affected by the forest fire! We don’t have that in my part of the country so I have never seen that! Hopefully you are safe where you are though!!! Recording nature is so important no matter what is going on 😀

    Drowsey: Hey you! For some reason, for a long time I couldn’t get on your site? It said I had to be invited or something? Glad your back!!! Thanks so much for your kind comment!

    Lana: I’ve been at that spot when you struggle before you can paint…oh that sucks! Hmmmm…purple and orange, sound like Halloween to me! Good luck!

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