Incomplete Pine Watercolor

There is something sad about this incomplete pine. Or maybe it's not sad at all, but I'm looking through sad eyes. I'm still processing the loss of a friend and I'm not going to lie, it does not get better with time. Especially when I pick up a paint brush and do the very thing … Continue reading Incomplete Pine Watercolor


Elegant Pines of a Setting Sun Watercolor

Setting Sun Mild 59°F As the sun sets it casts an amber glow to everything it touches. The dried grasses blaze and pine boughs glisten. A radiant moment indeed. Friday I caught this moment and simplified it. Instead of painting every single thing in my view/picture, I painted what was necessary to capture the mood … Continue reading Elegant Pines of a Setting Sun Watercolor

Scrawny Pine Watercolor Sketch

The section of park that grows wild and free gets my attention. Meandering through the field, I'm delighted by a strong sweet fragrance. The highway noise in the background is still is only one mile away you see, but that's okay, I can tune it out. I can leave that concrete jungle behind and … Continue reading Scrawny Pine Watercolor Sketch

Winter Cemetery Watercolors

Push aside your homework/chores/work reports and come away with me for a bit to a place of peace, where the living are quiet and respectful and the dead...well...they're quiet too. In the wintertime, there's nothing better than a heavy, dark, snow filled sky, where the sky is darker than the ground in the middle of … Continue reading Winter Cemetery Watercolors

Let’s Paint Sun and Shadow Pine!

Okay Folks, the Holidays are over and this is a brand new year with bright brand new beginnings. So lets get crack-a-lackin' and get serious about our artwork! Today we will learn how to paint a pine tree with soft pastels.... Here is my reference photo. This photo was taken at the Morton Arboretum in … Continue reading Let’s Paint Sun and Shadow Pine!

Skinny Pine Sketch

Sometimes it feels good to get away....even if it is only for one day! That's exactly what I did last Saturday. I escaped to visit a long time friend in Hebron, In. We had a slumber party and talked for hours...just like we did when we were little kids! Anyhoo, it was my first time … Continue reading Skinny Pine Sketch

Nature’s Jewels

2010 left with a bang...literally. The last day of the year woke me up with thunder, lovely winter lightning and thunder, how rare! As a result, when I looked out the window in the morning, every evergreen blade held a beautiful sparkling jewel. Oh, how lovely! Like diamonds glistening in the morning sun. The Christmas lights … Continue reading Nature’s Jewels

Backlit Pine Sketch

At 2:30pm, under a hot sun, in the midst of 83°F temperatures, this is what I was looking at. A gentle breeze accompanied me as I tried to replicate this wonderful pine. What's so special about a stupid pine tree? Why, let me tell you... The sun blared behind the pine. Did you ever see … Continue reading Backlit Pine Sketch

Let’s Paint Misty Maine!

One of my favorite blogs in the bloggie world is The Ohio Nature Blog by Tom Arbour. Tom (who is a fantastic photographer) was in Maine for Thanksgiving and took this awesome picture: You can read his post about this day by clicking here. Oh how I wish I could be in Maine! Aren't you … Continue reading Let’s Paint Misty Maine!