Autumn Tree and Leaves Sketch

It’s here! It’s finally here, my favorite season EVER…Autumn!

Good things happen in autumn. My favorites are; the blazing colors, the way the earth smells sweet from decaying leaves, cooler temperatures, and hearing leaves rustle around. I LOVE IT!

Here is what I am noticing in September…

Autumn Leaves and a Berry Sketch
Autumn Leaves and a Berry Sketch

Do me a favor, when you find an autumn leaf on the ground, pick it up and smell it. It’s OK if you don’t want someone to see you…just hide behind a tree. The expired leaf produces an aroma that cannot be matched. You have to experience it. In your lifetime, you must experience this. God packages blessings in small gifts sometimes. I’m claiming this gift.

Speaking of autumn leaves, do you know why the leaves change colors in autumn? It’s not because of the cooler temperatures, but because the earth is tilting on its axis and getting further from the sun resulting in longer nights and shorter days. Chlorophyll production (the stuff in plants which gives it a green color), breaks down and eventually stops and the leaf’s other pigments (carotenoids) are revealed. Just beautiful.

Autumn Tree Sketch
Autumn Tree Sketch

I did this sketch yesterday. I really prefer a cloudy day in autumn than a sunny one…really. The next time you encounter a cloudy day in autumn, notice how strong the colors in the trees pop out. They are just brilliant and amazing.

Go out and enjoy this time of year, it doesn’t last long.


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