White Oak Sketch aka I don’t Fit In Sketch

White Oak Leaves - Watercolor
White Oak Leaves - Watercolor

After work I stopped at the Palos Woods North and just sat in the parking lot. I stepped out of the car and pick up this tiny branch from the parking lot floor. How I love autumn leaves. This twig measures 6 inches exactly.

When I started to sketch the white oak leaves, I did not want to squish it in my frame. My perimeter is 3.25×5.25 inches. It did not fit. Nor did I want it to fit.

Sometime I feel as if I “don’t fit”.  Matter of fact, I feel it a lot.  I feel like a leaf with eaten bug holes and everything else not as perfect…

But that’s what makes a person beautiful.

You are valued, bug holes and all.

Here is the actual composite of leaves and my sketch. To study from nature is to learn about our surroundings and to learn about ourselves.

Happy Discoveries.


  1. Lana: Thank you! I think it looks more interesting when there is information missing.

    Alan: Thank you!!!

    Joan: I agree, thanks! 😀

    Dave: You and me both buddy! Thank you. 😉

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