Spinning Oak Leaves Sketch

This morning I was fascinated with the simple act of falling leaves. I had a mouth dropping discovery. Stopped at a red light, I noticed something that never really occurred to me…autumn leaves don’t just fall, they spin like tops when they fall! They spin and fall and spin and fall. It was like watching poetry…for me anyway. It warmed my heart so much I thought, “Is there something wrong with me? Do other people get this excited over an expired leaf making its flight towards death?”

I was so inspired I had to sketch this scene:

Spinning Oak Leaves - Watercolor Sketch

 The leaves spin as they descend in the direction of the clouds, in the direction of the wind.    ckane

Oh how I love active weather! You might look at this painting and say, “Oh yuck what a gloomy day.” But I smell the rain and see the clouds and smile when I say, “Oh I love such a day as today!”

Autumn leaves don’t drop like bricks. They spin like tops as the wind carries them where ever it wants to take them. Thank you God for such a simple revelation. Beauty is everywhere.



  1. Hooray! I’m not the only one! Yes, I love the way the leaves spin as they fall–unless the wind is too strong, in which case they take a more direct path. Then it looks like golden rain. We have more trees that turn yellow and gold here than red. I love the way the aspen leaves populate the forest paths with papery thin bright golden coins. I even like their earthy scent as they disappear into the soil as leaf mold.

    Only this year 😦 . . . this year they all froze and fell off–clank!–without a chance to be beautiful. (sigh) Oh well, the snow’s lovely, too.

  2. You want to see some falling Oak leaves? Well just come to my house….I’ll show you some falling Oak leaves. Hundreds…..No, thousands and they are all just lying there in jest, piling up in mounds, waiting for the rest of their little falling Oak leaf friends to join them. They mock me and taunt me, daring me to come outside and clean them up.

    Do I get excited? Your asking me if I get excited?

    NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO…..and one more ‘NO’ to grow on! 😀

  3. Lana: Come visit me and experience those days again…free room and board. 🙂

    Cindy: I love how you painted a beautiful scene of autumn in your neck of the woods. Too bad however that this year they were prematurely taken, hopefully next year will be much better and make up for last.

    Joan: Oh I wish I could have been standing there with you blinded by the leaves! Sounds wonderful! Sounds like the makings of a poem to me…

    Alan: I had a grand belly laugh(the healthiest kind of laugh, btw) when I read your responce. It reminds me of my battle with Mr. Squirrel. We love nature but we have our battles as well…where would we be without an oak leaf or without a Mr. Squirrel…not as lively I assure you 🙂

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