Trees of Turtlehead Sketch

Nov. 3, 2010 54°F, clouds coming from the west, wind Turtlehead Lake I find a group of trees along the orange trail that holds my attention, I make myself comfortable and sit right down. The sun at my back is starting to fade as a thin layer of clouds arrive bringing with it a stronger wind. I … Continue reading Trees of Turtlehead Sketch


Mighty Oak Watercolor

Over the weekend as I went hiking, I came upon this beautiful specimen. Isn't it mighty? Even with absolutely no leaves it has an impact. It's skeleton tells the story of strength. I don't know how old this oak tree is but it sure is gigantic. What can it teach me...  Why, this oak had much … Continue reading Mighty Oak Watercolor

Let’s Paint a Frosty Winter Morning!

Last Tuesday morning on the way to work I saw this beautiful winter sight: The sun rises behind the forest and sets the sky on fire! I love when winter reveals hot colors during very cold weather. How ironic the sky teases us with it's warm yellow tones, only to be an illusion as I … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Frosty Winter Morning!