Let’s Paint Evidence of Autumn!

Look around you...this time of year you can see evidence of autumn. Look at the very tips of the trees near the top. Do you see it? Yes, just a hint of autumn. My favorite time of year. Well, I'm not going to waste any time. Every day from now until the end of November … Continue reading Let’s Paint Evidence of Autumn!


Sketchbook Hiking: McClaughrey VIDEO

Do you want to go on a hike with me at McClaughrey Springs Woods? We'll find some woodland wildflowers and after that, I'll show you a real easy step-by-step watercolor sketch. I know you can do this one! I'll give you techniques to take a complicated landscape and create a simple watercolor for your journal. … Continue reading Sketchbook Hiking: McClaughrey VIDEO

Let’s Paint Winter Grasses!

There's something wonderful about winter grasses. Could it be that bright warm golden glow? Could it be the way they sound bending in the wind? Could it be the way they poke out of the snow? Yes, all of these above make winter grasses so special. This picture was taken on a hike last winter … Continue reading Let’s Paint Winter Grasses!

Let’s Paint a Great Horned Owl!

Last month at the art fair, my hubby had the chance to take a picture of a great horned owl that was being displayed by a naturalist. How beautiful and majestic! Let's have some fun by trying something new.... We are going to paint the owl on velour paper. Velour paper feels like suede and … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Great Horned Owl!

Let’s Paint Storm Over Autumn Tree!

Do you remember my hike at Bullfrog Lake after an intense but brief storm? Well, one tree in particular caught my eye. It is a tree which possesses such character, that it stops you dead in your tracts. It catches you staring at it for several minutes straight, like a bad behavior...but it doesn't mind, for it … Continue reading Let’s Paint Storm Over Autumn Tree!

Let’s Paint an Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly!

Oh boy! You are really going to love this step-by-step watercolor demonstration on how to paint a female Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly (Erythemis simplicicollis) because it's so darn EASY! I know you can try this one home...come on...just try it! Here is my reference photo, not the greatest I know, but hey, I really did meet this … Continue reading Let’s Paint an Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly!

Let’s Paint Winter Woods!

About three years ago I went hiking at Bull Frog Lake, right before evening in January. I came upon a scene that made me pause for a moment and fall in love. Winter's intense setting sun was casting long shadows from the trees in the woods. Right on que it seemed, three crows in the distance began … Continue reading Let’s Paint Winter Woods!

Let’s Paint Farm Pond in Oils!

I use to paint in oils all the time. Then I stopped. I remember falling in love with watercolors and pastels and kind of just forgetting all about oils. suddenly, I had this urge to paint will oils again and I said, "Why did I give it up so fast?" Well, it quickly came back to … Continue reading Let’s Paint Farm Pond in Oils!

Let’s Paint a Winter Tree!

One of the most beautiful structure in nature is the skeleton of a winter tree. It is only after the leaves have all disappeared that one can appreciate its unique form. But doesn't the tree's leaf tell its character? Not really, I don't think so. So let's have fun by painting a winter tree with watercolors and … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Winter Tree!

Let’s Paint the Chickadee!

Oh BOY! Do you remember the other day when I had a tiny little chickadee visitor at my feeder? I love him so much that I want to try to capture his uplifting acrobatic personality right on watercolor paper! Here we go, let's make a watercolor painting of the black-capped chickadee on cold press watercolor paper... Step 1: I am … Continue reading Let’s Paint the Chickadee!