Swamp Rose Mallow Seed Pod Sketch

Just because something is a weed, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful and even though the height of its beauty has faded, the swamp rose mallow (swamp hibiscus) has something to offer in winter…its beautiful seed pods! 


What a lovely structure! On schedule, the rose mallow seed pods open up and expose their seeds. Whether wind or natural decay, these seeds will find their way into the soil on the edge of a wet area to grow a new generation. What a plan. Just a random plan? What’s a random plan? No, but to everything there is a season… 

Swamp Rose Mallow Seed Pods in December watercolor

So I must sketch this weed in the month of December, to see and learn how the next generation gets its beginning. 

Even though it is winter and your surroundings seem dormant, weeds are in action right now as you read this text. 

I hope you enjoyed this sketch of the swamp rose mallow seed pods in December.


  1. Alan: Thank you! The best colors are the ones found in nature 😉

    Barb: Thanks! THat’s so funny, you never really know what your own style is unless someone points it out, sort of like when you think you don’t have an accent until you visit another part of the country.lol.

    Lana: Me too, I think it would be cool. I have it in a cup on my dresser 🙂 looks nice.

    Dave: Thank you Dave 🙂 Hope you’re keeping warm in our fridged weather.

  2. I love this sketch! I just found some of these in the park behind our house. Thanks for helping me identify them! God is so good. 🙂

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