No More Squirrels

My hubby bought me an early Christmas present. Weeeeee! It’s a squirrel buster feeder!

Oh you’re going down now squirrels! DOWNNNNN

Now I will have unlimited birding enjoyment for hours and hours and hours. My feeder will not be completely dumped within the first five minutes and I will sit back with a smile on my face every time a tree rat tries to steal some seed. Go on squirrels, give me some entertainment.

Just think of the variety of birds I might get now too! With an ample supply of seed, I might just attract more birds! More birds, more pictures, more painting…


  1. 😀

    That new feeder does sound quite promising, as well as entertaining when it comes to the “tree rats” and I have high hopes of the feeder’s success. But as you and I both know, these creatures are consumed with EVIL so I will hold my breath that you are not disappointed in the end.

  2. I gave my dad one of these feeders last year to help with his squirrel problem. It has helped tremendously. The other thing we noticed was that the jays stopped coming and spilling out all the seeds trying to eat from the smaller feeder. He can’t sit on the feeder without closing the hatches. 🙂 This led to more of the smaller birds coming and eating since the jay left them alone.

    Hope you get the results you anticipate.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  3. Oh that looks like a really good idea, my mother is also complaining about the crows at the bird feeder, our Irish Squirrels must be shy compared to yours as they never come near the birdfeeders around home. I do like squirrels though all the same but they seem to be a bit of a pest where you are like the crows we have. I must suggest that bird feeder to my mother. Thanks for sharing with us.

    All things nice…

  4. Alan: So far so good with warding off evil. lol. I will keep a close eye on those varmints.

    Barb: Thanks! The person who invented this feeder is a genius!

    All things nice: You’re welcome, I hope your mother gets this feeder and it works well for her too. Now all the squirrels on earth will starve…mwawwww…well, not really but we can hope 😉

    Kelly: Isn’t it amazing! The seed in the feeder lasted a whole week…that NEVER happened before! Yesssss!

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