Woodland Birds

Last weekend while hiking, I came upon some benches that had walnuts on them. I did not put them there. Feeding the wildlife is prohibited in the Cook County Forest Preserves, it’s a definite no-no. But boy did I get to see some up close birds!

My favorite of the bunch: white-breasted nuthatch.

Hey…Look at me when I’m talking to you.   Ha ha.
This male downy woodpecker wasted no time fleeing from the scene.

Chickadee-dee-dee-out-of-here! Isn’t that what they say?

Be nice gals, there is enough to share. One female downy woodpecker (bottom right) and one white breasted nuthatch (top right).

Here is a close up of the white-breasted nuthatch. This bird is so tiny, maybe a whole 5 inches. I love this picture because I can see the pink inside his beak. The nuthatch makes a funny, short, deep, beep beep beep sound…it reminds me of being at a carnival standing next to the toddler car ride that goes round and round and all the little tikes are beeping their car horns.

I was very excited to study these woodland birds. Maybe soon we will make a painting!


  1. I love those little Nuthatches (or hatchers)! They’re so hyper – just like a Wren.

    I have often wondered why they have such short tail-feathers. Maybe that’s why they are so hyper? 🙂

  2. Alan: So do I love them! I like how they hop around upside down as they are looking at you, checking you out.

    Lana: Yes, I can’t wait to paint that little guy! Happy Holidays to you too, next year will be even better.

    Eileen: Thanks! I am greatful they allowed me to watch them sooo close!

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