Soft Winter Sunset Sketch

Soft Winter Sunset watercolor sketch

Sunsets are a bit tricky to sketch, you have to be very, very fast, as you can literally see the colors changing before your eyes. The first sunset of 2010 did not disappoint, giving us a beautiful few moments before the clouds moved in taking over the sky. This is always a magical moment, one I am blessed to be able to experience.

Happy New Year to my friends all over the world. May it be healthy and peaceful for you and your families.


  1. Thanks for a great year of inspiration! 🙂 I have so enjoyed your blog and seeing all the things you’ve shared. Next year (oops! This year!) I’m going to paint more. My hubby has taken up an unused kid room for his “man cave,” so now I have his old room and I’m going to be able to actually get to my art stuff without spending 45 minutes digging it out!

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