Tree Rat (Squirrel) Sketch

Gray Squirrel Watercolor Sketch

Now I know what you’re thinking…No, I didn’t go to the other side. I am not a squirrel lover. They are still tree rats. But this particular one didn’t dump my bird feeder, matter of fact I was in his territory, deep in the woods. I have a certain respect for them when I’m wandering through their home and they are going about their business.

I first heard loud scraping. I mean LOUD. It was so loud, that I was sure I was on top of the thing, however, it took me several long minutes to find the squirt in a tangled web of brown twigs, far up in a tree. He was working very hard at getting to the meat of the nut.

Why can’t all squirrels keep to the tree like you can? We would all get along then! 😉


  1. I appreciate your website. Many good tips. I’m so happy to see a sister in Christ who loves to paint nature also. While I know that at times squirrels can be a nuisance, my goal each summer is to get them eating out of my hand. I’ve succeeded many times. They prefer my peanuts in the shell! It takes time for them to trust me, but patience brings success. I’m looking forward to more. PTL for all that HE has created!

    1. Thank you Lillyjane! I tollerate squirrels a little more now that they cannot take all my bird seed. I have to admit, if one ate from my hand I might even develop a soft spot for them as well. Oh my, did I really say that?!? HA, ha, ha. Thanks for sharing your squirrel story it is cute!

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