Deer Grove Forest Preserves

Today I had the chance to hike at Deer Grove Forest Preserves in Palatine, IL. This preserve is a part of the Cook County Forest Preserve Trail System. It consists of about 9 miles of tails, some paved, most not paved. It is surely beautiful.

Even though today was a meer 37°F, oh boy did I have fun! Here are some of my notes. I want to bring the trail right to you, where ever you may be:

“I step out onto the yellow trail. It consists of white gravel so my steps are very loud, there is no sneaking up on the wildlife today.

I spot many wildflowers soon to be: trout-lily leaves and trillium leaves are abundant. Holy cow, I see my first actual wildflower of the year – Rue-Anemone. How delicate but strong this species must be to endure this cold, harsh weather. Spring at its meanest.

Many crows are “cawing”, several are in a mowed grass field pecking at the ground. When 19 robins graze for worms in the same area, one single crow flies overhead, pretends to make a nose-dive at the robins, and the robins suddenly clear from the area. More field for the crows, that’s using your bird brain!

I can hear western chorus frogs in the distance even at this extreme cold temperature. They sing to me a song, “come closer, closer!” They quiet down when the snow starts to fall.”

I hope you enjoyed our adventures in Deer Grove. God’s miracles are not just for me to enjoy but for everyone to enjoy.


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