Turtlehead Lake Birds

Oh boy do I love spring when the birds return! It’s so exciting to see a bird you have never seen before or one that you haven’t seen in nearly a year! Well, that’s what happened when I visited Turtlehead Lake in region 8 of the Cook County Forest Preserves yesterday evening.

My first thrilling sight was a pair of Eastern Meadowlarks. They were located in the grass at the end of the parking lot, right in the beginning of the orange trail. One had the most beautiful song and the other was pacing back and forth next to the singer. It almost looked as if it was trying to get the attention of the other meadowlark. At times the attention getter would lift in the air, beat its wings in mid-air and land again. No pictures, sorry.

Next we have a male Yellow Rumped Warbler:

Not the greatest picture, but you get the point.

Next, I believe I have a tiny Ruby Crowned Kinglet:

This little guy was tiny and flying very quickly from twig to twig, not resting for more than 2 seconds. It was frustrating trying to get his picture.

My meadowlark will stay here for the summer, but the warblers and kinglet will move on, only migrating through for a short time. I’m sure glad I had the chance to see them!


  1. We had a flock of about a dozen yellow-rumped warblers picking through our yard a few weeks ago. Glad they’ve made it up your way. 🙂

  2. Joan: Holy cow, you’re not kidding! I must have taken a million pictures and only 2 came out somewhat decent. Those little buggers are fast!

    Lana: Yeah! me too! That’s really cool.

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