Oh the Blessings of Spring Sketch

spring birdhouse watercolor sketch
The redbuds flaunt above,
While the bluebells boast below.
As if a competition, a race to allure the viewer…
I the observer, I reap the benefits.
Standing in awe, with nothing to match,
I am swiftly humbled.
C. Kane

Today, I had the opportunity to visit Sagawau Environmental Learning Center, formerly known as Camp Sagawau. What a dramatic scenery taking place as we speak in the forest preserves right now. At this spot, a birdhouse hangs from a branch on a wire, in the midst of a splendid spring display.  It stopped me in my tracks.

Is this scene the definition of spring? I do think so.

Demonstrating climax throughout the year, it is but two brief seasons: spring and autumn. I will not take for granted the mysteries displayed, but will soak in all that surrounds me and trap that memory for all of my existence.


  1. I believe you hit the nail on the head with the whirligig beetle–thanks for the help with the ID!
    Love your painting here. I can only imagine how it looked “live.”

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