Jack in the Pulpit Sketch

Happy Earth Day! My gift to you? A Jack in the Pulpit sketch…

Jack in the Pulpit watercolor sketch

I live in the Midwest which is not a very exotic place, but this plant, although native, is very exotic to me. I love the shape and the stripes it possesses. It is most dramatic where I found it; in a woodland setting amongst last year’s oak leaves which were scattered about the forest floor. What a wonderful encounter!

Here is the actual photo. These guys were pretty small, maybe 6 inches tall. I found them at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Willow Springs, IL.

Miracles are unfolding all around us and I am blessed to have found some.


  1. Abbey: Thanks! BTW, great blog you have, very good information!

    All things nice: I think the plant you are thinking of is Pitcher Plant, a carnivorous plant that has a similar shape. It traps the insects it catches in a liquid at the bottom of its cavity. They both have that tube shaped body!

    Lana: Thank you!

    Aunt Bobbie: You are very welcome! Thanks for commenting!

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