Jack in the Pulpit Sketch

Happy Earth Day! My gift to you? A Jack in the Pulpit sketch…

Jack in the Pulpit watercolor sketch

I live in the Midwest which is not a very exotic place, but this plant, although native, is very exotic to me. I love the shape and the stripes it possesses. It is most dramatic where I found it; in a woodland setting amongst last year’s oak leaves which were scattered about the forest floor. What a wonderful encounter!

Here is the actual photo. These guys were pretty small, maybe 6 inches tall. I found them at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Willow Springs, IL.

Miracles are unfolding all around us and I am blessed to have found some.

5 Comments on “Jack in the Pulpit Sketch

  1. Oh they are nice plants, are they the ones that collect insects inside and then they can’t escape, if you open then you will find lots of insects I think

    All things nice…

  2. Abbey: Thanks! BTW, great blog you have, very good information!

    All things nice: I think the plant you are thinking of is Pitcher Plant, a carnivorous plant that has a similar shape. It traps the insects it catches in a liquid at the bottom of its cavity. They both have that tube shaped body!

    Lana: Thank you!

    Aunt Bobbie: You are very welcome! Thanks for commenting!

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