Storm Clouds and Sketch

Oh how I LOVE thunderstorms! I wait for them, I track them on radar, and welcome them with wide eyes!

I’ve been trained from a child you know, my Dad would take me outside at night before a storm to watch the lightning come closer. What excitement. Today, I would LOVE to go on a tornado chase for one week before I turn 40 years old. There are tours, but very expensive. If any tornado tour owner wants a lot of free tornado paintings, please sponsor me for one of your tours!!! Please!

Can you tell I’m excited?!?

Anyway, today at work right before closing time I caught a storm front:

This is not a tornado. This is a low cloud, which was not swirling but was accompanied by a storm front. How happy I was to see this though, my little pretend tornado. I encouraged all the people I work with to race outside.

As the cloud passed by, I stood right underneath with mouth hanging open, looking straight up. A co-worker said it looked, “biblical”. How lucky I was to stand below.

After the storm I went to Lake Katherine to do a little sketching…

After the Storm - watercolor sketch

 I am very pleased with this “after the storm” watercolor sketch. The storm clouds still remnant in the sky, and the background very misty.

How awesome a midwest thunderstorm can be! If you can just experience one in your lifetime it will be well worth it!

2 Comments on “Storm Clouds and Sketch

  1. I love storms, too. SO awesome! Thanks for sharing your cloud photos–they’re way cool!

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