Mushrooms in the Woods Sketch

Country Lane Woods Mushroom 1

Journal entry:

85°F mostly sunny, light breeze
Country Lane Woods, Cook County Forest Preserves Zone 6

The mosquitoes are vicious this afternoon. Humid wet conditions make them happy. I will put up with them for a little while and render my payment, a small donation of blood, to hear the trickling of the creek and the call of the blue jay above. The crickets in the grasses sing to me during my journey, I treasure their tune along the way. Today I find that my reward in the wood are several little mushrooms. Each posses their own personality, they are little gems on the forest floor.

Country Lane Woods mushroom 2

Last week I went to Country Lane Woods for a quick hike. Due to the many recent storms, conditions are perfect for mushrooms, finding them is always a treat! These were growing in rich black soil, I couldn’t resist entering them in my watercolor journal. Here are the actual photos:



  1. Hey, Christine!

    Love your new header (it’s been a while since I’ve been here or anywhere on-line). Very appropriate and pretty.

    Cheri (daughter) and I went walking day before yesterday and took some mushroom pictures. Same story here — lots of humidity (which we’re not used to) and lots, lots, lots of mosquitoes. 😦 She has sensitive skin, so we snapped the photos and left, but I’ve painted one of them. I’ll post it when I get a chance to photograph the painting. Mushrooms are soooo cool. 🙂

  2. Cindy: Thanks! Isn’t humidity the pits! I can’t wait to see your mushroom painting…good job at keeping up on your art 😉 Mushrooms are fun to find in the woods…little surprises on the forest floor!

  3. With the heat & humidity this time of year, all I can do is miss the outdoors…Which I do, already, I assure you. <:(

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