Soothing Fountain Sketch

Rock Garden Fountain watercolor

What is it about the sound of trickling water? How can such an element possess the power of tranquility? It erodes the hard deposits of stress and whispers in your ear, “Everything is going to be alright.” 

I believe it every time.

In the southeast corner of my backyard, I have a rock garden which contains many rocks I have collected, some potted plants, and a small fountain sitting on a slab of broken concrete.  The fountain isn’t very large but it has such a wonderful effect on all who listen. Have you ever sat by a camp fire and caught yourself staring in a trance, unable to look away? Well, trickling water seems to have the same ability on your ears. Once you start to listen you cannot pry yourself away.

Rock Garden Fountain photo


  1. Ironically, that sound also has an effect on animals, drawing them in for a fresh drink. It’s a wonderful sound. It’s nature’s music. I love your painting–it captures the sentiment so perfectly. I even bought a little fountain for our house, I love that sound so much.

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