Bookshelf Kitty Sketch

Bookshelf Kitty watercolor sketch


I recently purchased a new bookshelf. No sooner after I put it together and before I could fill it with books, my kitty claimed her own shelf. No books will enter this shelf, I will honor her choice. I suppose it is a cool surface, a tiny hide-a-way spot where she can relax. I understand.

After a hot summer of closed windows and central air,
A short reprieve has been granted.
Kitty on the shelf, mesmerized by blowing drapes,
Closes her eyes and sniffs the fresh air.

I love to watch her.


  1. What a wonderful memory you sparked in me with your painting! I used to live with cats – Buttons and Puff then Pockets and Tomi-Cat. I used to sketch them too and still have my little sketches. I appreciate the way you encourage me to sketch or paint something everyday. It is a wonderful spiritual practice and I LOVED your poem!!

  2. Joan: They’re super cute when curious about something! I love to see mine get excited 😀

    Alanna: Thanks! Sketching everyday is hard! I can’t even do that, boy, what great practice if you can though…keep up the good work.

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