Camping Sketch

camping watercolor sketchTrailer camping...well, it's not really roughing it, but still a lot of fun! My husband's cousins own an RV and invited us up to spend the night. This sketch was done early in the morning while sitting on their deck drinking coffee and nibbling on some raspberry coffee cake. Yummmmmm.   This morning … Continue reading Camping Sketch


Blustery Day at Maple Lake Sketch

 I stopped by Maple Lake with good intentions on completing a watercolor sketch. I got as far as a pencil sketch when my white and red fingers couldn't take it any longer....HEAT, they need heat! I grabbed my stuff and ran to the car...I'll finish at home. I wasn't prepared and did not have the … Continue reading Blustery Day at Maple Lake Sketch

Winter Sunset Sketch

Winter Sunset Sketch4:20pm 17°F  icy cold wind Centennial Park As daylight quickly slips away, a golden glow desperately hangs near the horizon. Purples and blues creep in behind me, shadows start to disappear, and the night takes over. The retention pond is nearly iced-covered except for a small round opening which contains many mallards and geese, … Continue reading Winter Sunset Sketch

Fight For Life Sketch Bullfrog Lake

11-07-2010 (Sunday) 60°F  sunny, windy Bullfrog Lake The sun is warm when the wind stops. For one second, I get a really sweet smell...but I don't know what it is or where it is coming from. Then it vanishes. The wind is so strong that the few oak leaves remaining make a sizzle noise. Pssss...sizzzzle. Two chickadees on … Continue reading Fight For Life Sketch Bullfrog Lake

Bookshelf Kitty Sketch

  I recently purchased a new bookshelf. No sooner after I put it together and before I could fill it with books, my kitty claimed her own shelf. No books will enter this shelf, I will honor her choice. I suppose it is a cool surface, a tiny hide-a-way spot where she can relax. I understand. … Continue reading Bookshelf Kitty Sketch