Obedient Plant Sketch

Obedient Plant in Field

Last week while hiking I stumbled upon obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana), in a small field near water. This is the time of year to spot them, beginning bloom is late summer. Why is it named, “obedient?” Obedient refers to the fact that if you take the stem and turn, bend, or twist it, it will remain in that position. I tried it and it worked. See, isn’t nature lots of fun?

This cluster of obedient plants were loaded with bumble bees.

Obedient Plant

When in nature, try to get down closer to the ground to get a different view point. You may be surprised at how interesting things are at this level.

Obedient Plant close up

Isn’t that beautiful? This doesn’t look like a bumble bee to me, I’m not sure what insect that is and too bad I didn’t notice it when I was taking the picture or I would have stuck around to watch.

Bumble Bee on Obedient Plant

This definitely is a bumble bee. I love the detail in the wings.

Bumble Bee Profile on Obedient Plant

I love to watch their heavy little bodies fly in and out of the flower as they diligently search for sweetness.

Bumble Bee on Obedient Plant watercolor sketch

Here is a small watercolor and micron pen sketch. The folded wings on the bumble bee’s back were fascinating to paint. It was only after following with brush in hand, did I understand their placement.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and sketch of the obedient plant. Maybe you learned something new? Now go out there and play with those stems!


  1. What a beautiful flower! Amazing colors and the photo with the bee is so perfect. I really love your journal style and I think this is one of the prettiest pages you have done. Thanks for sharing your sketch.

  2. Barb: Thanks! I was excited to find so many obedient plants at one time! And the bee was just perfect.

    Lana: That’s why you need to visit me…to play with obedient plant 😀

    Artswebshow: Thanks so much!

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