More Acorn Paintings

I’m having fun with these acorn drawings. Even though my style is usually loose, painting watercolor glazes over a graphite drawing produces a detailed, realistic painting and it’s a nice change of pace. These miniature pieces of art are fun and affordable.

Occupied Acorn graphite and watercolor

“Occupied Acorn” is on a 5×5 piece of illustration board. Many layers of watercolor washes created a glowing acorn that looks just like the original acorn.

Tiny Acorn graphite and watercolor

This “Tiny Acorn” is super cute and barely 1 inch long. I feel in love with its over-sized cap.

Weevil Home Acorn graphite and watercolor

And here we have the trio. I added a little more shadow from the other day and blended it with a blending stump.

These acorns are available for sale.
To get more information on the originals click here.
To get more information on the prints click here.


  1. Looks yummy! You’ve inspired me to go on the hunt for some acorns and do some pickling!!!
    See you on September 25th at Little Red Schoolhouse for another sketching hike! Those are a lot of fun everyone!!

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