Bullfrog Lake After Storm Watercolor

Bullfrog Lake After Storm watercolor

66°F  thunder storm, cool breeze
Bullfrog Lake

Goldenrods nod in the meadow after a quick but intense thunderstorm rolls through, leaving every blade of grass and every turning leaf heavy, with large drops of rain. The storm has scared off people as Bullfrog Lake is barren, quiet, and peaceful. A fog lingers at the edge of the forest. Do I deserve to be in such beauty? No. Will I soak in every moment and show my thankfulness by sharing it with others? YES!

Today I had the chance to hike at Bullfrog Lake in Willow Springs, IL., part of Cook County’s Zone 6 Forest Preserves. I didn’t have much time, for my child left his iPod in my car and the world was about to end very soon, for he had to do without. Oh the horror [sarcastic]. I was hunted down by several phone calls, explaining the urgency of the matter.

Oh brother.

Anyway, if you ever have the chance to hike after a storm, please don’t mind the wet feet and just hike. Several characteristics come out at no other time; The sweet smell of the earth, the haze of the atmosphere creating mystery, birds galore, complete tranquillity, and the sounds of a billion insects are to name a few. Here is the actual photo:


I decided to leave the large bush in the center out, as it would have created poor composition had I left it in. Plus, I had to race home to return an iPod so the universe didn’t implode upon itself.

The original is available for sale and is only $30. To purchase the original click here, it will take you to the available watercolor page.

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