Autumn on Maple Lake watercolor

Autumn on Maple Lake watercolor

Have you ever seen an autumn tree that was so brilliant and so luminous that it looked as if it had to be plugged into an electrical outlet? Wow, I love that.

Yesterday I stopped by Maple Lake in Willow Springs, to check on the autumn foliage. I was very impressed. I never tire of the beauty God provides.
My painting is a panoramic view of a group of trees and boats resting on the edge of the lake. In reality, there is a chain link fence in front of the boats, however I took my creative license and deleted that fence from the view.

Here is the actual photo taken in 2 parts because I could not fit a panoramic scene…


Left side, south of Maple Lake.


Right side, south of Maple Lake. Such a beautiful autumn afternoon!

“Autumn on Maple Lake”
original watercolor

To purchase the original click here. It will take you to the available original watercolor page.

Try to go out and enjoy this season, it goes by so quickly!


  1. It is true that the autumn colour are changing so quickly, however their inspiration can last a whole winter. We need the warm auburn and ocre colours to leave an imprint that provides us with inspiration and warmth for the winter season.

  2. We don’t get those kinds of colors here, unfortunately. Someday I guess I have to get back up north again. I used to love the autumn woods after a rain, when the tree bark was virtually black & the leaves were like glistening jewels.

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