Maple Lake Watercolor Sketch

Maple Lake A blustery day this was as I sat in my car and sketched from the parking area. I was waaaaay under dressed to be sitting outside for an hour painting. It was very windy, so windy that the waters were choppy and there were no reflections on the lake. Sometimes even a quick … Continue reading Maple Lake Watercolor Sketch


Blustery Day at Maple Lake Sketch

 I stopped by Maple Lake with good intentions on completing a watercolor sketch. I got as far as a pencil sketch when my white and red fingers couldn't take it any longer....HEAT, they need heat! I grabbed my stuff and ran to the car...I'll finish at home. I wasn't prepared and did not have the … Continue reading Blustery Day at Maple Lake Sketch

Autumn on Maple Lake watercolor

Have you ever seen an autumn tree that was so brilliant and so luminous that it looked as if it had to be plugged into an electrical outlet? Wow, I love that. Yesterday I stopped by Maple Lake in Willow Springs, to check on the autumn foliage. I was very impressed. I never tire of the beauty … Continue reading Autumn on Maple Lake watercolor