Morning Sky Sketch


I’m really not a morning person on my day off, so when I stepped out the door to walk my doggie for a morning piddle, my eyes opened up real wide when I saw this beautiful sky. Suddenly, I was AWAKE and excited to paint!

I ran in the house, threw doggie a treat, and grabbed my watercolors. I had to run, because this type of sky (my favorite btw), doesn’t last long.  The forecast was calling for rain and most of the clouds in the sky were a dark blue. The sunlight shining through a few small openings was a brilliant deep orange, a pure radiant orange. Oh what a beautiful “hold your breath” kind of moment! Before my sketch was finished, the orange in the sky was gone. It only lasted a few minutes.

What a great way to start your day, with a quick sketch of such an amazing sky. If you ever get a chance, don’t wait too long or it may just disappear.

P.S. My scripture verse is supposed to be Job 37:16 not 38:16.


  1. I just stumbled upon this and I had to tell you how much it grabbed me!
    It lifted my heart and makes me realize I’d better get out my watercolors and get going.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  2. Northern Birder: Thanks so much! I hope the you caught the contagious need to sketch! Northern Birder…awesome name btw!!

    Linda: Thank you! Yes, that color was awesome!

    Susie: I’m so glad you enjoyed! Yes grab those watercolors and record the world around you! 😉

  3. Those skies are so fleeting–more reason to take the time to enjoy when you can. Lovely little painting.
    BTW, sorry for my recent absence–Been busy AND sick. 😦

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