Misty Sketch at Swallow Cliff


To play in the midst of mystery, when fog descends and things are not what they appear to be….oh how much fun there is to be had in nature!

In the Chicago area during the early evening hours, we were greeted with a dark gray, misty atmosphere. Leaving work early, instead of feeling the dread of gloom, I ran to the woods for inspiration. I was not disappointed.

I actually did this sketch from my car. I sat there staring at the naked trees. Sometimes it is so healthy to be in silence, even if for just a few moments. During this time, I noticed the branches fading in and out of focus…movement. The fog was playing in between the branches and I was so entertained.


Here is the actual photo. Yes, it is barren, but just look at those colors! Green grass still green in November, and the reds in the tall grasses, how beautiful! May I never complain on a gray day….just look at what I would miss out on!

Let us love nature no matter what type of weather!


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