Red Tail Hawk Sketch at Orland Grasslands


A big white chest is what caught my eye as I drove 50 mph down LaGrange Road this morning. So prominent and bold, yet silent and devising. Not a muscle did he move, just a fixed stare beaming below…waiting for his next meal perhaps.

Just a few feet and a veil of light snow separate us, however he has no clue of me. His concentration unable to be broken, nor would I want it, I am forever the secret admirer.


  1. I love that one! I was birding on Tuesday in similar habitat along the river here, looking for hawks which come here to winter. We saw 7 Rough-legged Hawks and 11 Red-tailed Hawks. That is the highest number of Red-tails I have ever seen on that run. Nice to see they are doing the same in your area.

  2. Northern Birder: Thank you! Wow! You had a large number of hawks. Birding days like the one you had are very exciting! Wishing you many more.

    Joan: You got to love a mob of crows! That would be really neat to witness.

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