Hike and Sketch at Bullfrog Lake

12-26-10 33°F  cloudy, breeze orange and red trail Hiking today seems like a workout, for I am wearing regular hiking boots and not snow shoes. There are several inches of snow on the ground. I love to hear the "crunch, crunch, crunch" sound with every step. As I hike the red trail which is much … Continue reading Hike and Sketch at Bullfrog Lake


Red Tail Hawk Sketch at Orland Grasslands

A big white chest is what caught my eye as I drove 50 mph down LaGrange Road this morning. So prominent and bold, yet silent and devising. Not a muscle did he move, just a fixed stare beaming below...waiting for his next meal perhaps. Just a few feet and a veil of light snow separate us, however he … Continue reading Red Tail Hawk Sketch at Orland Grasslands

Let’s Paint a Hawk Feather!

While hiking I found the greatest feather ever! From tip to tip it is 13 inches...wow that's HUGE! So let's make a watercolor painting so we can remember this feather forever... Here is the reference photo. I had to tape the feather down because it wanted to lay on its side. Isn't it a beauty? … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Hawk Feather!

Good Morning Hawk

Hot Dog!! I knew today was going to be a good day when as soon as I stepped out the door, I saw a hawk in my tree. Slowly I reached for my camera to get a good shot but scared him anyway and he took off. Here is a close-up: At this very second … Continue reading Good Morning Hawk