Romantic Valentine Watercolor Sketch

Love Sketch - watercolor and black micron pen

Oscar loves Piggie forever…or until he rips the stuffing out.

This is my dog’s favorite, most beloved, toy Piggie. Well actually, this is Piggie #2, for he loves his Piggie toys so much that he loves them to death. As you can see Piggie is not bright pink like he use to be, but now supports a gray crusty belly. This is the result of much doggie love slobber. Ewwwww.

Happy Valentine’s


  1. Both sketches are super cute. Dogs and babies do seem to “love” things into a permanent stay of gray grunge. My middle son had a white and pastel blanket that was so fresh and sweet. He chewed the corners into a permanent gray wad. No amount of washing could freshen the blanket up. He is a grown man now, but still keep the beloved blanket way back in a box in the bottom of a closet.

  2. jwms1: That is soooo cute! Even more so because he kept the blankie in his closet all this time! Maybe he can pass it down to his children in the future? Thanks for sharing!

    Joan: slobber dirty toys are the best! Not all of his are like this, only the ones he loves! 🙂

    Shad: Thanks! I feel honored to represent crusty slobber in a watercolor form! I claim that title 😉

  3. Funny how pets have their favorite toys, y’know? I wonder what the thinking process is for them, why this is better than that. Perhaps I’m not getting out enough. *L*

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