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Dried Winter Wildflower and Weeds Sketch

Last week I ordered the book, Weeds and Wildflowers in Winter, by Lauren Brown. I can never have enough field books. I’m a field book addict ūüėČ Anyway, what did I have to do immediately?!? Collect some samples of course! Here are my samples.… Continue Reading “Dried Winter Wildflower and Weeds Sketch”

Emerging Crocus Sketch

Just as a ballerina twirls, the tender crocus unfurls as it¬†emerges from the ground. That’s what I thought of as I gazed upon the much awaited, first flower of the year.¬†Its struggle to break through the soil, I guess just makes¬†it stonger…and in such… Continue Reading “Emerging Crocus Sketch”

Romantic Valentine Watercolor Sketch

Oscar loves Piggie forever…or until he rips the stuffing out. This is my dog’s¬†favorite, most beloved, toy Piggie. Well actually, this is Piggie¬†#2, for he loves his Piggie¬†toys so much that he loves them to death. As you can see Piggie¬†is not bright pink… Continue Reading “Romantic Valentine Watercolor Sketch”

Snow Flurry Sketch

Not feeling well, but desperately¬†wanting to sketch, I stopped by Lake Katherine to do a quick¬†one while sitting in my car.¬† The snow was falling at different rates; sometimes slow and then all of a sudden quick and hurried, just to return to a… Continue Reading “Snow Flurry Sketch”

Smallest American Falcon Sketch plus Sound

Sound: European Kestrel¬†call (similar to American but lower pitch)¬†by Dobroide from Free Sound Project. Leaving work early one day last week, I stepped outside and something flew over my head at high speed¬†shouting, “yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip”. What the heck? I ran… Continue Reading “Smallest American Falcon Sketch plus Sound”

Arrowhead Lake Sketch

Last Wednesday I stopped by Arrowhead Lake for just a few moments of nature tranquillity. This sketch may not look tranquil (the sky unleashed freezing rain, ice, and snow) but I was the only one in the parking lot. Yessssss. The mallard ducks didn’t… Continue Reading “Arrowhead Lake Sketch”